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We offer a quality, innovative program designed for children ages 3-7.5. Children who attend Sunrise Learning Center are surrounded by materials that are open-ended and multi-sensory in nature. The spiral integrated curriculum is centered around young children's development and maturation. Our indoor and outdoor spaces are designed specifically for children to grow comfortable in their bodies and the physical world.

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     The goal of our multiage classes is to develop a sense of wonder in the young child and a reverence for all living things. This creates a firm foundation and eagerness for the academics that follow.


The program is an extension of the structured transition from home-life to school-life. The young child learns through imitation, repetition and creative play. Children become accustomed to working within a group, listening to stories, interacting with a teacher, and following a daily routine. At the same time, they are aided in development as individuals through:

  • the encouragement of creative play (indoors and outdoors),

  • practical life skills (including gardening and cooking),

  • artistic opportunities (self expression with a variety of media) and

  • a gradual introduction to academics:  early literacy, numeracy and arithmetic, social studies and science


Children are prepared for the academic, social and artistic challenges of the elementary grades.

     Our program follows a holistic model of child development and uses an active, exploratory pedagogy vs. a scripted, instruction-based model.  Holistic Education is a set of of beliefs based on the premise that each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to humanitarian values.  Creative, complex, integrative and syncretic learning is valued and promoted over simple mimicry and recall behaviors. The growth of the whole child is addressed and nurtured:
PHYSICAL: large motor or gross motor, small muscle or fine motor, perceptual-motor or eye-hand coordination, sensory integration, good health, self-care, self-control & -regulation
COGNITIVE:  thinking, problem solving, discovery, language, curiosity, interest in learning
SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL:  self-understanding & acceptance, relations with others, self-concept, emotional expression, personality, temperament
CREATIVE:  original thinking, imagination, verbal expression, non-verbal expression, use of multiple forms of representation & symbol systems
     Our program design is guided by core principles from several early childhood approaches:  Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, Montessori and High Scope.  And, it is informed by current research and best practices from the fields of neuroscience and early childhood development.  Our teachers possess teaching experience and are knowledgeable about progressive educational approaches to meet the needs of today's children.  Staff biographies and curriculum frameworks are available at our Open Houses and upon request for prospective parents.
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    Schedule a Visit

Please call to schedule an individual appointment that works with your schedule.  Online or Realtime appointments and video tours are available upon request.


Open Houses are designed for prospective parents and children who are interested in enrolling.  Our classrooms are MULTIAGE groupings of children, with individual learning profiles of each child guiding appropriate placement decisions made by our staff in consultation with parents:


  • PreK Multiage Program (3-4.6 year olds)  

  • Kindergarten Multiage Program (4.6-5.6 year olds)

  • Grade 1/2 Multiage Program (5.6-7.5 year olds)

Children must be 3  years old by August 31 of the enrollment year.

For in-person Open Houses, classrooms are open and school staff are present. Bring your child & your questions.  Due to the Pandemic, real time open houses are postponed until it is safe to gather.  Until then, online videos and visits are available upon request as are Q & A sessions.

Individual appointments are available upon request. Wait Lists are also in place.

We have a rolling admissions policy so contact us at any time with your individual requests.

Contact for more information: sunriselearningc@gmail.com

OR call 434-390-6709

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