​"Children may be 20% of the population, but they are 100% of the future."

-David Tyack, education historian

PreKindergarten Multiage 
Kindergarten Multiage
Grade 1/2 Multiage


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Specialty Classes

All students participate in the following weekly Specialty Classes in addition to our spiral, integrated curriculum:

  • Instrumental and choral music

  • Visual Arts and Crafts: painting, collage, drawing, printmaking, modeling in clay and beeswax,  

  • Practical Arts: cooking, composting, gardening, building and handwork (sewing, weaving)

  • Language: Spanish & American Sign

  • Movement: Children's Yoga, dance, creative movement, outdoor and indoor games

Preschool Multiage Program [ages 3-4.5]​ [4 and 5 day options] Reinstated for 2022

The PreKindergarten program provides children with a consistent, warm and caring environment where they can grow and thrive.  The program goals incorporate a balanced play-based approach:

  • Developing children's imagination, creativity and social skills through active work and imaginative play

  • Introducing children to language and culture through stories, verses, songs and puppetry

  • Nurturing children's reverence and their connection to the world through festivals and celebrations

  • Establishing a foundation for literacy, numeracy and content area inquiry through meaningful and engaging activities

Kindergarten Multiage Program [ages 4.6-6]  [5 day option]

The Kindergarten program day has rhythm and balance, with a healthy mixture of active and quiet activities that are designed to provide children with 1st grade readiness skills upon completion of the program. This is a 4 or 5 full day program which involves students in all specialty classes, as well as a gradual, holistic introduction to the academic and social skills necessary to make the transition to public or private school grades. Activities include:

  • Storytelling, puppet and marionette plays

  • Singing, circle games and movement

  • Painting, drawing and modeling

  • Baking and cooking that integrates science, literacy and numeracy activities

  • Outdoor play and gardening work

  • Festival and seasonal celebrations and daily rhythms

  • Early literacy and numeracy activities and

  • Early subject area introduction through integrated thematic instruction & project-based assessment

Grade 1/2 Multiage Program
[ages 5.6 - 7.5]  4-day option

Our “new” elementary school program has emerged as a result of parents' commitment to a quality early educational experience for their children.  Parents have asked for this additional grade, and so we have responded.  The blended 1st-2nd grade is designed to meet the children’s curiosity and interest in the world with a broad range of subject areas that are presented imaginatively through integrated thematic instruction & project-based learning.  Children develop academic, social and artistic skills that will form the foundation for their elementary school careers. Detailed curriculum framework available upon request.
SLC Curriculum goals and assessments are aligned with the VA Standards of Learning so that children are prepared to transition to other school settings.

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