Longwood University Collaborations  SLC collaborates in a number of ways with Longwood University and has since it's founding in 2015.  We have worked with the Department of Theater and the Department of Foreign Languages to provide a field-based setting for theater & TESOL education students to complete observations of young children and implement workshops.  Recently, we collaborated with the School of Nursing to provide a setting for nursing majors to interact with children while teaching lessons in health & well-being.  We partner with LW whenever we are able for the benefit of SLC children & families.

Many of our Specialty Teachers are music education, PreK-6, Spanish-foreign language, and therapeutic recreation majors at Longwood.  We provide support for these young educators who are learning their content and their teaching craft.

School of Nursing
For spring semester 2018, nursing students worked two days a week in classes to assist the teachers and teach weekly lessons in health & wellness to SLC children:
  • Tooth brushing and dental care
  • Hand washing
  • Nutrition
  • Cover a Cough
  • Allergies (don't share food)
  • Bicycle Safety
  • Strong Bones
  • Traffic Sign Safety
  • Exercise