Contributors and Scholarship Donors 

Luminary Contributors: ($7000 or Above)         Provides a full 5 Day a week scholarship, registration      and materials fees for 1 year for a K-1 or Pre-K student.

Aurora Level: ($6000-$3000)                                   Provides partial tuition support for two students for 1 year including registration and materials. 


Sunshine Level: ($2000-$500)                                 Provides partial tuition, registration and materials support for 1 year.

Sun Ray Level: ($400-$120)                                     Provides registration and/or materials support for 1 year.  

Sunbeam Level: ($120-$25.00)                                Provides for partial materials and supplies.





 0.5% of qualifying purchases will go to the Sunrise Learning Center if you choose us as your selected charity when you shop at Amazon.