Our Staff

Sunrise Early Childhood Program is a place of respite for parents and children where tender seedlings may grow strong roots.
Deborah Carrington, Ph.D. Co-Founder and Co-Director

Deborah Carrington, “Ms. Deborah” has a B.A. from Longwood College, and a M.Ed. and Ph.D. from the University of Virginia.  Her specialties include early & elementary curriculum & instruction; arts education & creativity; instructional design & technology; comparative & international education, and the Social Foundations of Education.  She has 33 years of combined teaching experience in public and private PreK-8 schools and in three teacher preparation programs:  University of Maine, Longwood University, and James Madison University.  Her practice and research are also informed by 10 years of PreK-3 classroom teaching using progressive, research-based educational approaches:  Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, Montessori and High Scope.  She serves as Main Teacher for the lead class, currently the Grade 1/2 class.

Chapman Hood Frazier, Ph.D. Co-Founder and Co-Director

Hood Frazier, “Mr. Hood” has B.A. in English and M.A.in English from West Virginia University, an M.S. in Reading from Longwood College, and a Ph.D. in English Education from The University of Virginia.  He has over 35 years of teaching experience at both the middle/secondary level and as a university professor teaching middle-secondary teacher education and English Education, including five years with at-risk adolescents at Murray High School, a William Glasser School in Albemarle County, VA.  There, he also received formal training in peer mediation and conflict resolution. He has served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Charlottesville Waldorf School, Chair of the Mountain Springs Farm and Heritage Center, as a member of The Prince Edward County School Board. He is currently a Professor in Residence in Prince Edward County for JMU and is the SLC’s co-founder and co-director of daily operations, outreach and public relations.

Dr. Carrington and Dr. Frazier offer educational consulting services and have consulted with other programs at the local, national, and international levels about innovative approaches to educating children.  Their research travels have taken them to preschools in Italy, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Iceland & the Republic of Ireland.  Future research trips include Mexico, Canada and Costa Rica.  They both continue to teach on-line graduate level courses, currently for Longwood University.