Summer Camp Weekly Themes
Past Themes - camps reinstated for summer 2022 - contact Ms. Lindsey Nelson for updated themes and dates of weekly camps:

 Weekly Themes and Descriptions                            Faculty: Ms. Lindsey Nelson and seasonal SLC staff members

Week 1: 

Physical Fitness:

During our first week, we will explore games from the past and present as well as creating some of our own.  Relay races, puzzle solving, and games await everyone!

Week 2 & 3:  

Animal Weeks:

For two  weeks we will investigate animals of the present and past.  What is an endangered species?  Why can't you have an elephant for a pet?  Children will learn about the different animal habitats from around the world through projects, books, plays, and more.  We may even have some visits from exotic and domestic animals!


Week 4:  

CLOSED Friday, July 3 (July 4th weekend)

Busy Hands are Happy Hands:

What kind of work do your parents and family members do?  What would you like to do when you grow up?  We will explore the different kinds of work that are available.  Guest speakers and visitors from our community will share what they do.  There will be some fun volunteer activities to do as well.

Week 5: 

Myths to Monsters:

We will discover Norse and Greek myths and how they inform our own myths today.  Together we will take an adventure through different stories, fables and legends from diverse cultures and bring them to life through art, games and more.  We will even write our own myths!

Week 6: 

Space, the Endless Frontier:

Campers will dive into the frontiers of space this week.  We will explore the earth's atmosphere and travel all the way to the outer reaches of our solar system.  Comets, planets and stars are waiting to be discovered!


Week 7:  

Earth Week:

This week we will discover the Earth by starting right where we live.  We will discuss unique environmental themes, from native wildlife studies to river and watershed explorations as we learn more about our unique planet.

Week 8:  

The World through Rose-Colored Lenses

Campers will investigate color through art techniques, famous artists, and express themselves creatively in a variety of ways!  What masterpieces will be emerge?

Week 9:  

FINAL WEEk of Camp

The Day of the Dinosaur:

Campers will journey to the past to discover what Earth was like when the dinosaurs roamed.  How did they evolve?  What did they eat?  What happened to them?  We will hunt for buried fossils, create our own dinosaurs, and read stories about them too.